these aren’t my undies…

Here is what I am looking forward to when I move out of this apartment and move into our new home:

I am currently, this very minute, folding a mountain of laundry. Our apartment complex has a huge room with about 10 washers and dryers. It’s not too bad, pretty clean, and I can do 10 loads at once.

However, here’s my beef. I am folding my clothes. Listening to the radio, grabbing a shirt, folding it, not thinking too much about what I’m folding. When all of a sudden I realize I am folding SOMEONE ELSE’S UNDERWEAR!! Not mine, not Aaron’s, but a man’s underwear!!!

Oh my gosh, I threw it like it was a dead rat and it landed on my purse. So I took my big toe and dragged it off my purse and onto the floor. I gagged, washed my hands and my big toe, called Aaron to tell him about it, then resumed my folding.

Once again, I’m listening to the radio, not thinking about what I’m folding, when AGAIN I am holding SOMEONE ELSE’S UNDIES! I just can’t believe it! This man obviously bought a pack of the same gross-looking underwear and left it all in the dryer!

I know, I should have looked very carefully to make sure all the washers and dryers were empty, so it’s partly my fault. Hooray for carelessness!

So, I am looking forward to my own washer and dryer, folks. It will be lovely. And I will never have to touch a stranger’s undies again (dear God, please!). I really started writing this blog as a way to cope with my longing for a lovely place to call home…let’s just say that longing is still as strong as ever! Oh well, time to laugh about it, I guess. Here’s to hoping that I don’t grab another pair of stranger undies!


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