cashier love.

I found THE ONE. See, I shop at Walmart. I don’t know what it is about this particular Walmart, but they have the worst cashiers/baggers. I even specifically place items on the counter so that they all go together, and the cashiers still mess everything up and put the craziest items together. I just don’t get it.

Well, tonight I went grocery shopping and Aaron picked line 12 to check out. The cashier was an older woman wearing six multi-colored earrings per ear, several brooches made from plastic canvas and yarn (one in the shape of a bunny), and a striped button up wool vest. Her name tag said ‘Yulanda.’

I was really questioning Aaron’s judgement.

But there she was, trekking along, looking at all of our produce, talking about how she can’t stand to waste bags, but she doesn’t want to overfill them. We had a great chat, actually. She mentioned about how I was buying tofu, and it reminded her of this man who bought chicken feet because his daughters always complained about their mom’s cooking. And then, when she saw him again a couple weeks later, she asked him how the chicken feet went over.

She mentioned how she hated her bifocals because they make her feel old, but she figures she should have decent glasses since she finally has a decent job. She talked about her migraine. You know, just chit-chatty sort of things. I could just tell that she was a keeper. Finally, as Aaron and I were walking away, she said, “Well, you have a happy Easter if I don’t see you before then!”

And that was it. I was sold. If she is going to wish me a happy Easter and remember me the next time I come in, I will go to her line every single time. And you know, she wasn’t nosy and annoying. It was just really pleasant. I always try to be pleasant to the cashiers when I go through their line, but sometimes they are so grumpy. Not, Yulanda. She was friendly and colorful…I have a feeling we will become great friends.

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