Tonight, I am thankful that God created mangos.

Have you had one recently?

Tonight I was making dinner and the recipe called for a mango. I have always assumed that I don’t like mangos because whenever mango is in a smoothie, it just doesn’t sit right with me. Anyways, I was peeling and cutting up this mango, thinking to myself, “Why bother taste it? I don’t really like mangos…I hope I like it mixed in with this recipe, though. How much did this mango cost, again? Probably a waste, shipped over from who knows where…” But I kept looking at this mango, and it smelled so sweet and the juice was running all over the cutting board. It was…tempting. So I took the smallest sliver off my knife and put it on my tongue.

Friends, this mango was like a gift. Like, God blessed me with the only good mango in the world, just so I could have a silver lining in this week. God made mangos! And I picked the very best one out of the five that were sitting under the bright Walmart lights. So, I finished cutting it up, but I could tell there was still some good bits stuck to the pit…friends, I ate that mango, all the way down to the stringy, tough bits. There is nothing left of it.

Now, I have lots of friends who live or have lived overseas where they grow mangos and probably pick them up off the street because mango trees are just chillin’ out everywhere. I have no doubt that your mangos from wherever you are taste ten times better than my Walmart mango. But that’s the thing: knowing that my little mango was probably picked too soon, shipped over the ocean, packaged up in a box, sent on a truck, and arrived in the-middle-of-nowhere, Arizona and it still tasted so delightful, only makes me even more thankful that God created mangos. When He does something, He does it well.

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