a few things.

1.) I have been seeing a chiropractor for two weeks now. Holy cow. It has been amazing. If you have never seen a chiropractor before, even if you feel like there is nothing wrong with you, I highly recommend you go. Your back and neck will feel so amazing. They did this scan thing on me to see how tense my muscles are, and mine were off the charts tense. Literally, the nurse thought the machine was broken until she started going all down my back and realized that I am just that tense.

2.) I also started going to Zumba this week. Actually, I only went once. But once was seriously enough to make me feel every other muscle in my body that the chiro didn’t get. Have you ever been to Zumba before? I always thought that I was a pretty good dancer, but going to Zumba made me realize that I actually can’t dance. Anyways, I really encourage anyone out there to go to a gym, even if you feel like you are so out of shape, everyone would stare at you and you would feel really dumb. While I was not the best Zumba-er out there on the floor, I guarantee I wasn’t the worst! And I’m sure you will find that about yourself as well.

3.) Aaron is gone for drill this weekend and I am really going to miss him. However, last night I slept 14 hours. That would seriously never happen if the love of my life had been with me. See, Aaron and I have different philosophies about sleep. For me, if I am tired, it doesn’t matter how early it is. I feel no shame about going to bed at 7:00, 8:00 at night. And I have no shame about sleeping in as long as it takes for me to feel fully rested. Normally, about 10 hours. But if I have had a week where I have not slept enough, it could go much longer. Aaron, on the other hand, has very clear sleep boundaries. 7 hours, tops. When his subconscious hears that first birdie chirping out the window, he is up, ready to start the day. One thing about Aaron is that he hates feeling like his day is wasted (whereas I do not feel like sleep is wasteful, especially if you are tired). So, as you can see, our sleep patterns are rather conflicting. I know Aaron works hard to be patient and let me sleep in on the weekends, but let’s face it: when you are married, it’s just not the same.

And so, when Aaron is at drill, it’s the one weekend a month where I sleep. And sleep. And sleep. And it feels so amazing. While I miss having my best friend around, I choose to focus on the positive, and for me the positive is 14 hours of sleep.

4.) Finally, I will leave you with this lovely exchange I overheard in the cafeteria this week:
Girl: I wish Mrs. Westerfield were my teacher. She’s so nice!
Boy: I don’t! She’s mean!

And there you have it, folks. Have a lovely weekend!

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