Happy Half-Birthday! 22 before 23….

I have always wanted to do one of these. And I actually created one on my 22nd birthday…but I lost it. Which is actually a good thing. Because I remember not really liking the list, and not really feeling committed to it. Now that I am six months older and wiser, I am revamping my list. I realize more and more in life that goals and intentionality are so important. So, six months late, here is my list….
1. Take more pictures. 
2. Invest in new friendships.
3. Blog more consistently.
4. Have a daily devotion. 
5. Collect a few art pieces for my home.
6. Give my husband a nice gift, just because. 
7. Be a better housekeeper (I have already admitted to my hatred of washing dishes…)
8. Spend more time on activities that I enjoy (sewing, cooking, etc.), less time being a couch tater.
9. Find a simple exercise routine. Commit to it.
10. Read one book per month. And write about it. 
11. Host a party.

12. Send a book to a friend.

13. Hike the Grand Canyon.

14. Organize my kitchen.

15. Finish reading Les Miserables.

16. Create a tradition for our family-of-two

17. Figure out what to do with my hair.

18. Get a manicure

19. Get a pedicure

20. Run a 5k

21. Plan two weeks ahead in school

22. Visit Phoenix with my man

Well, I am spending my half-birthday at a literacy conference (woot woot!) Hope you have a lovely day! 

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