Life Dilemmas

Tonight for dinner I was really jazzed (ha) about making homemade tomato soup. (I guess it’s not technically homemade….I basically put a couple cans of whole stewed tomatoes, garlic, onion, and olive oil in a pot, heated it up, chucked it in the blender for a few rounds, and heated it up some more).

Anyways, I was super excited because I was positive that this recipe would turn around Aaron’s opinion of tomato soup. He happens to not like it, which is just crazy to me. So, I make it and serve it and wait for Aaron’s reaction. He still wasn’t a fan… Which led us to talking about why he doesn’t like tomato soup. And here is what he said,

“I just think it tastes so much like spaghetti sauce. I mean, what’s the difference, really?”

And it was like once the thought of me sipping on spaghetti sauce got into my head, I just couldn’t shake it. All I could think of was “I’m eating a soupier version of spaghetti sauce. I could literally make spaghetti, toss it in my soup, and not know the difference.”

And now, I have all sorts of questions running through my mind: Should I have made my tomato soup less tomato-y? Should I have blended it some more and made it more watery?  Does anybody else feel this way? Do you make tomato soup? How do you make it less saucy and more soupy?

2 thoughts on “Life Dilemmas

  1. Janel, I have had this same tomatoe soup problem as well! However, my love of tomatoe soup (the not spaghetti sauce kind) grew when I ate it in a bread bowl from Panera bread! Rumor has it that Super Target stores sell Panera Bread brand of Creamy Tomatoe soup… Maybe you can just get some and creep up on the ingredients 😉 Hope that helps!And may I add that I love reading your blogs!

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