Lentil Love: Getting out of debt one bean at a time

Team Blue has recently embarked on a journey to become completely debt free. That’s right. No more debt. Ever. No more school loans, Sallie Mae, and unlike how most of America feels, we are never ever ever getting a credit card.

So, if you have ever read Dave Ramsey, you have probably heard of the term “gazelle intense.” Well, that’s us right now. Rice and beans for us–well, in this case lentils.

Have you ever had lentils? They are jam packed with nutrients and are my current legume of choice these days. I just sprinkle a few with whatever we are eating…lentils and spaghetti, lentils and rice, lentils and baked potatoes, lentils on top of lentils. Lentils. Lentils. Lentils. The life of a gazelle intense couple is not easy, nor very tasty. But whenever I get discouraged, I think about how awesome being debt free will be. One day, I will cook deliciously vibrant and nutritious meals, I will go to Disney World, I will give freely and generously to those who need it, I will live in the freedom that God can do whatever He wants with us because we are no longer in bondage to the lender. One day, I will put lentils behind me and cook them only when I am craving lentils, or need a reminder at how faithful is our Jehovah Jireh.

If you are on this journey too, be encouraged. I hope to share more about our journey in becoming debt free, because I really feel strongly that people need to hear it is possible.

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