A fall weekend!

Yay for three day weekends! It was so nice to just spend quality time with each other doing all sorts of Team Blue things. We hiked at Indian Caves, carved pumpkins (and ate the seeds!), watched Ace Ventura, and I finally got a chance to break in the ole CrockPot with some hot apple cider! The only thing that could have made this weekend the ideal fall adventure would be if I got to wear a scarf–80 degree weather is just so anti-Autumn.  Here are some pictures of the lovely autumn foliage and our adventures:

Check back later in the week for….

DIY pin cushion
Wedding pictures and details
Refurnishing vintage red desk

handmade candy corn costume!

So, this weekend my friend, Erica, came over to sew her Halloween costume! She is going to be a candy corn, which is the cutest thing I have ever heard! And it’s not one of those obnoxious candy corn costumes you buy at Halloween World. It’s homemade! There is something so much cooler about making your costume than buying it.

First, Erica bought a white t-shirt, orange-y shirt, and a golden yellow dress from a consignment store. Then, I chopped them all up, sewed them back together, and here is the finished project!!!

I think it’s a super cute idea! Any other homemade Halloween costume ideas out there?


Some of the reasons I love this guy: 
he is the funniest person I know….


he goes along with my crazy ideas (like dressing up for a halloween contest…)
he is much more organized than i am. seriously.
he likes to help me grade papers. more than i do.
he knows the words to songs no one has ever heard of. 
he is crafty.
he never freaks out about the things that i freak out about. which is pretty much everything.
and most of all, i love him because he’s just Aaron. and there wouldn’t be a Team Blue without him!
happy birthday!
p.s. happy two months of marriage to us!!