Adventures at Dinnertime…

On Saturday I decided to try my hand at cutting up a real chicken.

My reasoning behind this brilliant idea was because it seems cheaper. I was shopping for chicken when I saw that Jewels had a whole chicken on sale for $0.99/lb. I was like “Whaaat???? That’s way cheaper than buying chicken already cut up!” I was not daunted in the least about having to cut the chicken up myself. I mean, jeez, I have a Taste of Home Cookbook!!! It tells me how to do everything!!!

So, the whole experience turned out to be somewhat successful. Aaron said I could work for the CIA, I was so good at torturing the poor bird. The most disappointing part was realizing that after I was done, there was about three pounds worth of bones n’ guts that I couldn’t eat and had no clue what to do with. So it was almost a waste of $3.00 (my obsession with frugality just can’t stomach losing that  $3!!!)

Overall, I think next time I’ll leave the hacksaw in the toolbox and let the butcher cut up my birds for me. But the meal turned out to be delish, and my Mr. did ask for seconds, and so it made it all worth it.

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