So, I just completed my first week of student teaching! It was exhausting, eye-opening, and heaps of fun! My little third graders are adorable and they were super excited about reading, which is my favorite thing too!!! Best quote of the week: “You have a health ribbon on your foot!”, in reference to my ichthus tattoo. Hmmm…never got that one before.

At any rate, my home is slowly, slowly coming together.I can’t wait for it to be done and I can show you all pictures! But for now, you will just have to hang in suspense. Also, my sewing has drastically been put on hold, except for a forever-long project making a shower curtain. I thought for sure a shower curtain would be easy peasy, but it’s taking me forever! Does anyone have any advice on using grommets? It’s the last step, but they just don’t want to work with me.

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