Massive update…

 I know, I know, this blog is hardly up and running yet, but one of my goals after getting hitched to my Mr. was to start blogging. And now that I am no longer planning a wedding, I have a smidge more free time! 

Our wedding day was the most beautiful, perfect day…everything that I imagined and wanted came to life! It was so crazy to see my vision become a beautiful reality. I have so many people to thank: my grandparents, my sisters, my best friends, and my amazing in-laws! Anways, pictures to come soon!!! 
We also had a super fun honeymoon! Some highlights were:
hiking up Peaks of Otter (my daily bike rides during the summer could not have prepared me for this!):

grilling outside at our lil’ home away from home (thanks for the camping grill, Grandma and Grandpa W!!!)

going to Charlottesville, doing some shopping, eating at The Nook, and going to a winery!!!

Anyways, since being back in Kankakee, I have moved in with my Mr., sewed a shower curtain, been amazed by how many dirty dishes two people can generate in one day, and have started my student teaching. 
Oh, and one more thing….

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